Exquisite Premium Coated MDF Surface Panels   

Every house tells a story, and with our premium coated surface panels, you can tell yours better.
With spectacular ­finish in a multitude of styles and an assortment of colours, transform the aura of your spaces and elevate them above all else. No matter which you choose, your home and its story is sure to be a cut above everyone else’s.

Our all-new MDF Panels comes in two workable and highly stunning variants – Hi Gloss and Anti Fingerprint – No Marks

Available Size:

  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 16mm


  • Joinery
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Doors
  • Modular furniture

Colours Available:

White MDF
Charcoal MDF - Compax
Raven Black

Gloss Surface MDF  Panels

Our Hi Gloss Panels are designed with elegance and artistry, these high-gloss PU+ surfaces add brilliant gleam, minimum waviness and high depth, mirroring the shine like never before. Gloss MDF Panels are available in 16mm thick MDF with E1/E0 rating.


gloss mdf features

Anti Fingerprint No Marks MDF Panels

Standout with elegance and rich look with the smooth Anti fingerprint – No marks Surfaces. It gives your home a distinct and contemporary look. Packed with panache and flair, these super matt PU+ surfaces are designed to be ­fingerprint resistant and have a smooth satin ­finish that will make your home ooze luxury while keeping it classy. Available in 16mm thick MDF with E1/E0 rating.

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